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Not really sure where my fascination of bamboo comes from. Perhaps growing up near a large grove when I was younger we used to play hide and seek in the tall green and yellow striped trees. 20 years later I have a couple of my own bamboo gardens now and this is an attempt to document the bamboo's growth, health and how well it stays maintained in the barriers I've planted the bamboo in.

I've published some notes in my bamboo blog to document the process of my own bamboo garden experience...

Bamboo Gardens
Bamboo Gardens - 2002
May // 2002
Spring of 2002 I started a mission in my backyard. The mission was to replace the old run down forgoten hedge and apple trees with a new lush enviroment. No more summers with apples and hornets dominating my lawn. Little did I know I wasn't going to have a lawn for another 3 years...


Sparse, but there. At least the bamboo garden was finally in place.
Bamboo Gardens - 2003
August // 2003
In the August 2003 picture above, you can see the height of the plants I purchased. Each one was already about 15ft tall. Starting from the right going to left it's Timber Bamboo, Bamboo Sweetshoot, Timber, Sweetshoot then Timber Bamboo again on the left.


After first planting the black bamboo it easily became my favorite... but then the green and brown patches on the bory bamboo took over.
Bamboo Gardens - 2004
July // 2004
This was the first season I could actually see the bamboo really start to flourish like I had hoped.

No lawn yet, the weeds had taken over the dirt. But I didn't care because I finally had the bamboo gardens I had been waiting for.


The Bamboo garden was in full swing and the sweetshoot bamboo became my favorite.
Bamboo Gardens - 2005
June // 2005
Wow what a great year. Everything bloomed early in the spring or actually in late April of 2005.

You can see in the picture above the Timber Bamboo on the left and bamboo sweet shoot shooting it's new stalks high into the sky.


Bory Bamboo started growing out of control...
Bamboo Gardens - 2006
June // 2006
Still waiting. Wheres the shoots?

There's a couple of rhizomes coming from the bory & timber bamboo but the black and the sweetshoot bamboo doesn't appear to be doing anything.

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